Lesson Six wright Brothers

Birds can fly. Can sheep fly, too? They sure can! In 1783, a sheep, a chicken, a chicken and a duck all took a ride inside a hot-air a sheep. They flew over France. This was long before anybody ever flew in an airplane.

About 120 years later, two very intelligent brothers invented the first airplane in America. They were Orville and Wilbur wright. This invention was special not only forfor the Wright brothers, but also for many people all over the world.

Now people don't have to spend a long time when travellingto far away places. Because of airplanes, people all over the world are closer to each other.


sheep = 綿羊

people = 人們

each = 每個

chicken = 雞

inside = 內部

later = 以後的

intelligent = 有才智的

airplane = 飛機

special = 特別的

invent = 發明

invention = 發明,創造

France = 法國

travel = 旅行

hot-air = 熱氣

closer = 更接近

over = 越過

sure = 確信的

flew = 駕駛飛機

ballon = 氣球

fly = 飛

ride = 騎馬;乘車

1. take a ride

fasten your seat belt if you still want to take a ride with me in my car.


2.Long Before

Books had instant replay long before televisid sports.



I'll tell you later. See you later.


4. invent 

Watt invented the steam engine.

Watt 發明了蒸汽機。

5. not only...but also...

She can not only speak English fluently but also speak French well.


6. spend + Ving

she spends too much time dressing herself.


7. each other
They are  holding each other's hands


8. because of

She is glad because of his present.



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