Lesson seven A diary

It was a hot summer day. After a short nap at home, Dad suggested that we go out for  a walk on a new road that was built a few months a go.

We drove down the road for 15 minutes, and soon a beautiful lake came into view. We decided to stop and stay there for an hour. Pine trees grew down to the lake's edge, so we had to walk through a small dark forest to reach the water.My brother paul was the first one to dive into the lake.

I don't like to swim because I had a bad experience before. I just stood near the lake and watched my brother swimming in the like. He laughted at my father and me for being afraid to get our hair wet. However, he was the only one that came downwith a bad cold that night.

Instead of swimming in the water, we took a lot pictures around the lake. They were beautiful. I also saw a wild hare hopping in the forest. we didn't go home until six in the evening. We had a good time there.


Reach = 抵達

Built = 建築

minute =分鐘

swim = 游泳

experience = 經驗

until = 直到。。。時

afraid = 害怕的

lake = 湖

suggest = 建議

edge = 邊緣

hare = 野兔

wet = 濕

nap = 午睡

laugh = 笑

hop = 單足跳

dark = 黑暗的

forest = 森林

walk = 走;散步

saw = 看

road = 路

stood = 站

soon = 不久

through = 穿過;通過

summer = 夏天

month = 月

beautiful = 美麗的

view = 視力

decide = 決定

pine = 松樹

dive = 跳入水中

wild = 野的

around = 四處


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