Level Eight The history of money

Many years ago, people had to use cash if they wanted to buy anything. It was very dangerous for people to carry a lot of cash if they wanted to buy an expensive thing.

Credit cards changed everything. All you need to carry is a little card. Some stores accept your credit cards, so you do not need  to pay right while shopping or eating.

You just show your card and write your name on the bill. The card company will tell you how much money you nedd to pay then every month.

Some credit cards may be used to make a telephone call; others may evenoffer special services. For example, you get lower price when you go shopping or you do not have to pay to use the parking lot.

Now adays, it is easier for people to bring ther chair card than carry a lot of money with them,but don't forget to think twice before you buy things  with credit cards.


history = 歷史

little = 小的

bill = 帳單

bring = 帶來

Pay = 支付

dangerous = 危險的

expensive = 高價的

accept = 同意

credit = 賒帳

forget =  忘記

telephone = 電話機

cash = 現金

example = 例子

card = 卡片

parking lot= 停車場

offer = 給予

lower = 較低的

service = 服務

money = 錢

buy = 購買

right = 右的; 正確的

while = 一會兒

twice = 兩次

now adays = 現今,試下


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