Lesson Five Save the earth

 People always take what they from the earth. For example, we get water from the rivers. We plant fruits and vegetableon the land. We get food and natural  resources from the ground and the water.

However, we do not care for these things. many oceans and rivers have become dirty and full of waste, so many wild animals have died and natural resources are dissappearing. Therefore, the earth is angry. The weather is changing. Some places have no water to use. Earthquakes and typhoons take many people's lives every year. Some strange illnesses are appearing in the world.

What should  we do to stop these diasters? First of all, we should slow everything down and be friendly to our mother earth. Every country slow make laws, and people should learn how to save energy instead of wasting it. We should plant more trees rather than cutting them down. In the long run, our mother earth will get back to what she used to be.


river = 江,河

disappear = 消失,不見

illness = 疾病

appear = 出現

disaster = 災害

save = 挽救

waste = 浪費

change = 改變

strange = 奇怪

vegetable = 蔬菜

care = 保護

therefore = 因此

weather = 天氣

friendly = 友好的

energy =活力

instead = 反而

plant = 植物

natural = 自然的

angry = 生氣

rather = 相當

law = 法律

ocean = 海洋

fruit = 水果

used = 習慣於

typhoon = 颱風

earth = 地球

earthquake = 地震

wild = 野的

die = 死

country = 國家

cut = 切,剪

1. homewer

This is a costly article; however, it is worth the price


2. care for 

she kindly cared for the sick people.


3. be full of

The people are full of life and joy



I think, therefore I am


5. what should somebody do to + V

What should I do to keep them from death?


6.first of all

first of all, i'd like to discuss the positive effects, and then I'll talk about the negatif ones.


7. instead of

He sent his brother instead of coming himself


8.rather than

I would stay home rather than go out on such a rainy day.


9. in the long run

The government will strengthen the present health system in the long run.


10. Used to + V

I used to go whale watching before I moved here.




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