Lesson Four Table Manners

We all need to have good manners at table. Here are some basic examples. First, you should wash  your hand before you eat. You might get sick if you don't keep your hands clean.

Second, you'd better not take more than you can eat. Also, ypu should try not to take too much at a time. Third, you should eat with chopsticks, not with your hands.

Fourth, it is not good to talk with your mouth full of food. Lasts, you will need to use a napkin to wipe your mouth when you finish eating. Remember, a well mannered guest is always welcome.

need = 需要

keep = 存放,保留

basic = 基础

table = 桌子

better = 更好的

remember = 记得,想起

guest = 客人

welcome = 欢迎

manner = 礼貌

example = 例子

napkin = 餐巾

than = 比较

chopsticks 筷子

before = 在。。。以前,以前

more than 比。。。多于

full = 满的,充分

try = 努力

wipe = 擦

mouth = 嘴

should = 应该

might = 可能

1. Good Manner 有礼貌

Everyone likes a person with good manner.


2. at table 在用餐

They are at table


3. Try not to 试着不

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.


4.at a time 每次;一次

You don;t have  to climb it all at once, just once step at a time.


5. with your mouth full off good. 口中有食物時

It is not appropriate to tell a joke with your mouth full of food.

6. wipe somebody's mouth (擦嘴) 

when children finished their snacks, they need to wipe their mouths with napkins.

7. well-mannared guest 有禮貌的客人。

Nothing is more pleasant for a host than a well-mannered guest.



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