Lesson Three A Smooth Flight

 I took my first trip on an airplane last year. I was really nervous about the flight, bur it wasn't that bad in the end. When I got on the plane, I had to find my seat. As soon as I did, I found there was an old man sitting next to me.

I then put my carry on bag in the overhead compartment. the flight attendant cameto help me lift it because I'm not that tall. five minutes later, it was time to take off. The man next to me could tell I was nervous because he had taken an airplane many times before.


seat = 座,座位

trip = 旅行

lift = 舉起

minute = 分

safely 安全地,平安地

later = 較晚的,更晚的,以後的

airplane = 飛機

Next = 靠近,下一個人

attendant = 隨員,出席的

carry = 運送

carry on = 可隨身攜帶的

relax = 使輕鬆

land = 陸地

last = 最後的

compartment = 分隔

overhead = 在頭頂上的

because = 因為

first = 第一的

nervous = 緊張不安

worry = 憂慮,擔心

once = 一次,一回

flight = 飛行

1. Take someone's first trip on airplane 第一次搭飛機

When did you take your first trip on an airplane


I still remember what happenedwhen I took my first trip on an airplane.


2. in the end 最後; 終於

in the end = at least = finally

3. Get on 上大車 子或交通工具

Ex. get on the bus / airplane

Get in 上小車子或交通工具 ex. get in the car

Get off 下車

4. Be nervous about 緊張

I'm really nervous about the test this afternoon.


5. as soon as... 一。。。。就。。。。

penggunaan kata 一。。。就。。。

6. Carry on bag 隨身行李

The carry on bag should be small. 


7. Overhead compartment 座位上方的行李箱

On the plan, we can put our jackets or bags in the overhead compartment.


8. Flight attendant 空服員

The flight attendant are nice to the passengers


9. Help (someone) with (something) 幫忙某人某事

I was wondering if you could help me with this.


10. It was time 是。。。時間到了

It is time for class


It was time to take a break


11.take off 起飛

Four airplanes took off at the same time.


12. next to   在。。。旁

There was a little girl sitting next to him


13. Finally

They finally realized that the whole thing was a joke.



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