Lesson One The biggest animal in the world

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Many people thinkthe elephant is the biggestanimal in the world. That is wrong.Beliave or not!The biggest animal in the world is the blue whale.

a blue whaleis about 30 meters long and weight and weighs about 136.000kilo.The largest elephant is only 10000kilo.Whales are smart. They can also talk with each other through the water.

Although they live in the ocean, they are not fish. They area a part of mammal family.


Meter = 米

believe = xiangxin

whale = 鯨

weigh 稱。。。的重量。

elephant 象

動物 animal

mammal 哺乳類動物

wrong 錯誤的

Ocean 海洋,海

Through 穿過,通過

1. The biggest 最大的

形容詞有比較級和最高級的用法,比如級是將形容詞加上er,最高級則是將形容詞加est. 形容詞如Happy,字尾有 Y, 則去Y jia ier, est. 如下表:

Big = bigger = biggest

large = larger = largest

long= longer = longest

He has the biggest book in the world.


Now, the biggest question  is how to fix it.


2. Believe it or Not

believe it or not ! the test will be very difficult 

信不信由你! 這次考試將會很難!

believe or not! I onve shook hands with Wang. (shake, shook, shaken)

信不信由你! 我曾經和王建民握過手。

3. in the world 在這世界上

He has many friends in the arts world.


It  is the oldest paper in the world.


4.The largest 最大的 (龐大)

Where can we find the largest snowman?


Would you show me your largest diamond?


5. each other (彼此)

They love each other.


He and I looked at each other's faces.

6. although 雖然

He is quiete strong although he is very old.


7. Part of 一部份

Part of this book is missing.



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